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Welcome to HR Payroll Plus LLC, your trusted partner for comprehensive payroll and HR solutions. Our mission is to simplify your business operations, empowering you to focus on growth and success. We've covered you, from seamless payroll processing, tax filing, and compliance to efficient HR management, employee benefits, and training programs. Discover how our expert services can unlock your business potential with top-notch payroll service and create a thriving workplace. Let HR Payroll Plus LLC be your ultimate toolkit for HR, payroll, and more!

  • Payroll & Compliance

  • Time & Attendance

  • Recruiting & Onboarding

  • Employee Benefits

  • Business Credit Builder & Funding

  • Training & Development

  • Bookkeeping

How can we help?

We offer professional services for individuals, corporations, small businesses, and startups. Kindly check out the things we can do to help your business.


Payroll & Compliance

Full-Service Payroll Processing

Tax filing and compliance

Workers Comp


ACA Reporting


Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance with geo fencing


PTO Management


Onboarding & Recruiting

Recruiting & Staffing

Onboarding & Orientation Welcome Video &

Employee Handbook

Online HR Library & HR On demand


Business Credit Services

Establish business credit for your EIN

Grow your business credit

Small Business Loans

Business Entity Setup



D-U-N-S Application


Employee Benefits


Wages on demand

ERC Credit

Employee Self Service portal


Training & Development

Certified Payroll Professional Training

Business Financial Literacy Guru Training

Time Management Training

Employee Productivity Training

Personal Development Programs

Employee Recognition Program

Employee Wellness Program



At HR Payroll Plus, we understand that effective financial management is the cornerstone of any successful business. That's why we offer comprehensive bookkeeping services powered by the industry-leading software, QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks-certified professionals are dedicated to managing your financial tasks with precision and care, ensuring you can focus on what you do best—running your business.


Startup Business Foundation Package

The Startup Business Foundation Package is meticulously designed to serve as an essential roadmap for entrepreneurs aiming to establish a robust base for their new ventures. This package encapsulates a blend of expert consulting and assistance, offering a suite of critical services tailored to navigate the intricate steps involved in launching and stabilizing your business. Our approach prioritizes guidance over direct execution, empowering you with strategic insights and enabling informed decision-making throughout the startup process.


Discover the Ultimate Sales Tracking Solution: PipelinePRO

Welcome to PipelinePRO, the groundbreaking sales tracking dashboard meticulously crafted for elite business owners who demand visibility across their entire sales pipeline. This is not just a tool; it's your gateway to accountability at every stage of the sales process, ensuring every participant's performance is optimized for success.

No Compromise, Just Maximize.

Why work with us?

We partner with clients for a long-term, transparent, and trusted relationship. Our team strives to provide excellent financial assistance to ensure our clients peace of mind, knowing that their financial success is our business.


A. Saves Your Money And Time

When juggling multiple roles in a small business or start-up, time and money become precious commodities. Balancing core operations, bookkeeping, and HR and payroll requires careful scheduling. However, this can easily result in overworking or postponing essential HR and payroll functions, potentially causing delays in employee salary payments.

B. Boosts Employee Contentment

Mistakes in paychecks or late salary payments can cause dissatisfaction among your employees. Timely and accurate compensation is crucial to maintaining your employees' trust. Even a single instance of late payment can diminish their enthusiasm for your company. To prevent this, consider our employee payroll service.

C. Access To Expertise

Running an entire business demands significant time and effort. While you might have a grasp of HR and payroll, taking on these responsibilities can be overwhelming. Hiring an HR team is beneficial, but having an expert understanding HR and payroll intricacies is vital for effective management.

D. Ensures Data Security

You might be curious about how data security is handled in business payroll service. Outsourced HR and payroll providers maintain a secure system and structure. We will secure your network if you access HR data through tools or share sensitive employee information.

Distribute Your Burdens Today- Entrust Us With Your Responsibilities!

HR encompasses more than payroll, including employee development, benefits management, and compliance. Professional solutions allow you to focus on strategic HR initiatives. Get company payroll service from us at HR Payroll Plus LLC. Our experts can generate accurate and comprehensive reports for better decision-making and strategic planning with the help of professional solutions. Connect with us today.


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